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Philosophy Course Pages
EGR402--Ethical Considerations in Tech. and App. Science


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EGR 402--Study Questions/Suggestions for Final Exam, Spring 2004



Who thought virtue was the moderate position between two extremes called 'vice' ?


In Aristotle, what is 'habituation' and how does that relate to being virtuous?


What is Socrates' purpose for the craft/function argument? How does it relate to engineering?


What does Socrates propose as a definition of justice?


What are Plato's three classes of people?


What is the Ergon Argument?


What is Plato's theory of the psyche, i.e. what are its three parts and which one should rule over the others?


How does the previous answer relate to Hume, Mill, Kant, and Aristotle


What are the four central virtues for Plato?


Which virtue is the crowning or ruling virtue?


What are the five types of society for Plato and rank them from best to worst.


Which type of society is a just society and why?


If you had to provide one word to someone about Plato's Republic, i.e, what it is about, what would that word be?


According to Epictetus, what can we control? (know at least one thing)


According to Epictetus, what can't we control? (know at least one thing)


How might Epictetus' control/no control distinction relate to Nagel's free will/determinism argument?


What are externals for Epictetus? Are they good or bad? Give an example.


Know the first two formulations of the Categorical Imperative.


What are the two basic differences between Hypothetical and Categorical Imperatives?


Know Hume's RDES.


Know Nagel's five types of value and how they relate to the subjective/objective distinction.


Know the four basic tenets of utilitarianism.


Do you have rights from a utilitarian perspective?


Lastly, think about Boisjoly and his practical recommendations for solving problems. You will want to think about how to apply them.




Links to Online Books

Be sure to read the entire Enchiridion along with the Virtue reading in your reader from Aristotle.

The Enchiridion by Epictetus

The Republic by Plato

Alt. Ch VII Republic link

Another Ch VII Republic link